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What types of figure skates are recommended?

what brand should i buy not alot of money for figure skates

What types of figure skates are recommended?
Riedells have made a lot of advancements when it comes to expanding their competeive line. If you are a beginner and starting out and you think you want to get into it, I would try Riedells. Absolutely do not buy a pair from a sporting goods store. The blades are terrible, most of the time they aren't straight, mand the boots have very little support and are made out of a material that won't become flexible until they are worn out and too flexible. There's no happy medium. I would start with a Riedell White Ribbon Boot, which is made for the recreational skater looking to advance, or the Blue Ribbon boot which is made for people taking classes to improve technique. The Blue Ribbon I think is heat moldable and about $130, while the White Ribbon is not. If you are serious about trying to pick up ice skating. I would go for the Blue Ribbon. Its worth it.

Happy Skating!
Reply:Try riedell!!!

If u r a true beginner,try yellow ribbion riedells....If u r more advance,use white,red,or blue rieddells...:)
Reply:I like the Softecs for beginners who plan to skate for fun. They are comfortable, they are appropriately supportive, and they aren't very expensive. I recommend them.

A lot of recreational skates are terrible - cheap often means awful. People end up trying skating and thinking that it hurts their feet, or their ankles are weak, when all it is is that their skates are terrible. The Softecs aren't like this - they are actually very good, and excellent value. I'll link, below, so you can see what I mean.
Reply:Don't cheap out because, if you like the sport, you'll need good skates sooner rather than later. Cheap skates hold you back and make learning new things take longer.

Try the Riedell Ribbon series or the Jackson Mystique skates. Go to an ice skating pro shop and get measured. They'll recommend a good, affordable skate for you that fits correctly.

Plus, they can sharpen them right away, rather than you buying cheap skates somewhere else and bringing them to the pro shop anyway.
Reply:ridell or maybe cheap jacksons
Reply:Jackson, never get Riedell bc of the blade is too long for the boot. my best friend had them and she could not do anything with them. the blade does not want to rock like if you get a begginer ROCKER blade for jackson, all jackson's come with a rocker blade i am guessing. if not sure go to websites and email the pros.
Reply:I have ridells and i love them!
Reply:I wear GAMS. Almost no one's ever heard of them. They're kinda like Grafs because they're heat moldable and from Canada. I really like them and they're really comfortable and cheaper than Grafs.
Reply:if your a beginner i suggest buying riedell or jackson beginner skates. its cost about 80 to 150 dollars.
Reply:wel for beginners skates cost $50-$100. I recommend reidells or jacksons.check out this site to see some skates.

I have the reidell chirldrens gold medallion 30J
Reply:Jackson Figure skates

(sometimes you can get used but really good ice skates, that is what i did.)

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