Sunday, October 11, 2009

Roller Derby 4-wheel skates in toronto?

where can i buy 4-wheel roller skates in Toronto or Mississauga?

for roller derby purposes...

Roller Derby 4-wheel skates in toronto?
A couple of places to try:

1) Second hand stores - if you can find a good skate boot that fits you properly (and comfortably!) you can always upgrade the hardware to make it appropriate for roller derby.

2) The TORD roller girls themselves! Get in touch with them through their website, and ask if anyone has a pair of skates in your size that they would sell or lend you.

3) Rink pro-shops: I think there are still a couple of these in Toronto, but be aware that they often have limited knowledge of the products and carry limited stock. Also, the markup can be very high.

4) Online stores - search "rollerskates Canada". If you buy online, call the store and talk about your needs. Some online stores have sizing guarantees, so that you can return your skates if they don't fit. Also, ask about derby discounts!! Some places offer a percentage off your order just for being part of roller derby!

***TIP: look for fresh meat packages, rookie packages, can get all the gear you need, usually for a really good price!!***

GOOD LUCK! Roller derby is wicked fun!
Reply:you should just buy them online they are alot easier to find

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